We are working continuously to grow the variety of courses and tools that we could offer to our clients, so they can access to a wide business support and be able to solve their daily problems by themselves.

Nowadays we offer courses related to Lean Manufacturing, Risk Management, the group of Core Tools: SPC, AMEF, APQP, PPAP,MSA and control plan, ISO norms and training of internal auditors. We also offer internal auditory service to help our clients identify their opportunity areas and have evidence for the certification auditory. Learn more by scrolling down.

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In order to adapt to our clients needs, all our services are offered in person (in our offices or at the client's facilities), online (via zoom) or in a hybrid way. 

Tools applied to your reality !

The trainings are adaptable to the number of participants that the company requires and are carried out at the time that best suits the client and the availability of our instructors. At the end of each course an exam is taken and in case of passing the exam, a digital certificate is delivered.

During our courses we see practical cases 

In case you are interested in learning personally, we have 2 options that may interest you:

·  We have a calendar of the bimester, where you can register to any of the courses we offer. To know the calendar for this two-month period, scroll down.

·  We also offer the DOJO option, where you can learn at your own pace and time availability, contact us if you want to know more about this plan.


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If you need a consultancy directly with Nestor Daniel, you can schedule through Zoom or face-to-face in Hablando con Datos headquarters in Puebla, Mexico 

The price of one hour consultancy is 75 USD 

To schedule your consultancy, contact us to: ness@hablandocondatos.com.mx or  +52 5625008681. We will provide you the payment information to pay and schedule your consultancy at the best hour that fits you